Opening tonight: Gate City Greetings

Opening tonight: Gate City Greetings


This is one I really wish I could be at.

Opening tonight with a BBQ to celebrate is Gate City Greetings at Southfirst Gallery in Brooklyn. Featuring work from UNCG MFA grads Nickola Dudley, Matt Hayes, Harriet Hoover, Branch Richter, Amy Stibich, and Clark Williamson, the show should be amazing.

Their thesis show at the Weatherspoon blew my socks off and if their experience is anything like mine, having the work whittled down and condensed does a lot to clarify and set the strengths in relief against the work of others’. … Read more

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From Marcy to Chelsea

From Marcy to Chelsea

Not even Nas could stop Jay-Z from this take over. Thanks to a deal with Samsung, Jay-Z’s latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail,  sold a million copies before it was even released. His single (which sucks) has been playing everywhere and the new album is being debated and talked about as if it’s scripture found in a cave upstate.

I have to hand it to Jay-Z, who is not only one of the best rappers of all time, but has let his work grow with his life.… Read more

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Crucifixion, Puccio Capanna, c. 1330. North Carolina Museum of Art.

Green Hill revamps + LASERZ!

The Green Hill Center announced a rebranding this week. They have a new brand identity, logo, and website.  Gone is “The Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art” and in its place is the condensed and sleek “Greenhill.” It’s good to see they’re evolving and thinking about perception, placement, and how the structure of the organization meets the public. I like the name change a lot, but my initial reaction to the new logo and website is “Meh.” Having gone through quite a few redesigns, I know sometimes the initial reaction isn’t the best, but there you go.… Read more

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Miranda July

Miranda July wants to e-mail you

Artist/filmmaker/performer Miranda July is beginning a new e-mail project — and she could come to your inbox! Not only July, but her friends and accomplices. She’s enlisted as collaborators Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lena Dunham, Kirsten Dunst, Sheila Heti, Etgar Keret, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Catherine Opie, Lee Smolin, and Danh Vo.

July will be sending out private e-mails around a theme:

There is something about the mundane-ness that feels very intimate to me. I thought I would do that idea on a grand scale.… Read more

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Damien Hirst /

Number of spot paintings in the Hirst Empire

You might say an artist is bad when a newspaper graphic about their work makes you feel more than their work ever did. The New York Times has a story today about artist Damien Hirst’s spot paintings, which have been a subject of much speculation and argument. They are basically polka dots made with house paint. Most of them are done by Hirst’s assistants. And they fetch a handsome price on the market, which could cause some unease among those looking to protect their “investments.” NYT:

For buyers, dealers and auction houses, the prospect of an unlimited supply was a complication.… Read more

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Photo: JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ/News & Record

Hangin’ with Mr. Copper

The News-Record has an article about a great project at the EUC Gallery. Here’s the walk-up:

On her daily walk up Glenwood Avenue to UNCG, Harriet Hoover couldn’t help but notice Mr. Coppers Upholstery shop.

Proprietor Franklyn Lewis began each day by arranging his upholstered pieces on the porch and front lawn of his business on busy West Lee Street near Glenwood.

He painstakingly placed each item — a melange of reupholstered antique and reproduction chairs and brightly colored vinyl car and truck seats — to grab the eyes of motorists.… Read more

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